What is FAM?

FAM, or Fully Automated Marketing, is a tool that puts your marketing growth on auto-pilot. Our goal is to help small businesses grow without having to hire a marketing team.

FAM pulls data from your Shopify store, including your log, images, fonts, and customer emails, and generates high-converting emails for you… in a single click. No designer or coder is required, just an approval.

You can go to sleep knowing FAM is sending off Welcome Emails to all your new subscribers, and you can enjoy your holidays knowing FAM is sending promotion emails to all your subscribers. :)

What emails does FAM create?

We currently have three emails on-the-ready:

We do have other types of emails in the pipeline, as these are just to start. If you have any other type of email you'd like to see, then please shoot us an email at love@meetfam.com so we can take it into account. :)

How does FAM get my data?

All store information that is brought into FAM is from what is stored in your Shopify account. The customer list pulled from Shopify are all the ones able to receive marketing. The only data we store on our side, is if you upload a logo that we store on our servers that isn't the logo we pulled originally during set up. Same goes for fonts.

How do you calculate the cost of FAM?

FAM charges a base price of $20/mth + $.05 per dollar made after you cross $500 in revenue generated by FAM.

Example: FAM generates you $750 in revenue. You pay $32.5.

Broken down - $20 for the base fee, and $.05 * $250 (the excess after the $500 cap), totaling $32.50.

All our pricing is in USD.

How do you calculate revenue attribution?

Revenue is attributed to FAM if any purchase checks off the following metrics:

Our revenue attribution excludes any purchases made through your ReCharge or subscription orders.

What kind of discounts can we use with FAM?

There are two types of discount codes FAM will use: unique/single use and multi-use.

Promo-type emails will utilize multi-use codes, while your Welcome emails will use unique, single-use codes.

As of now, you can offer either % or $ off as your discounts. Both type of discounts come with a flooring capability, meaning you can offer something like "$10 off for spending $50." You can also further split the discount types by segmenting buyers and non-buyers.

If you need to exclude products from being discounted, then you'll need to update what collections are eligible for discount in your Shopify back-end.

Also, FAM generates your codes for you. :)

Have more questions?

Shoot us an email at love@meetfam.com, or visit our knowledge base at https://fam.helpscoutdocs.com/